Jonathan Chibois

Temporary lecturer and research assistant (ATER) at Science Po Toulouse

Associate researcher at Interdisciplinary Institute of Contemporary Anthropology (EHESS, CNRS)

Member of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA)


Jonathan Chibois is a researcher in political anthropology. His work focuses on the transformations of parliaments around the world in response to the emerging democratic aspirations of contemporary societies as well as the crisis they face. He studies the ordinary activities of deliberative assemblies in order to identify their principles and structuring dynamics, on the basis of ethnographic surveys. Using the concept of the political infrastructures, he examines the professional practices and the material dimensions of parliamentary life, focusing on the tools, procedures, bodies, and the dynamics of circulation and cooperation that make deliberative assemblies exist as such.

Research Interests

Political anthropology, anthropology of work, digital anthropology, public anthropology.

  • Parliament and political representation activity ;
  • Information infrastructures and digital activity networks ;
  • Fieldwork methodology and epistemology ;
  • Collaborative researches, citizen science and open scientific publishing.

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